The foundation

The Naum Knop Foundation (FNK) was born at the initiative of Pablo and Gabriel Knop, sons of the sculptor, its headquarters being their House-Workshop.

It has the endorsement and backing of a prestigious Board of Directors made up of professionals with a recognized track record in the artistic field of our country.

The project and the original enhancement of the House-Museum had the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, and culminated after the paving of the patio had been restored and the rooms now destined for the permanent exhibition of the collection repaired.

The FNK has a documentary archive in which survey, cataloging and research are carried out on the artist’s work and exchange of material with various cultural institutions in the country and abroad. In addition, where the workshop operated, there is currently an area dedicated to the restoration and conservation of the pieces.

The House Museum

In 1970 Naum Knop bought the house, an old corral from the beginning of the last century, in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios.

To inaugurate it as a House-Workshop, the artist unified what were the multi-family rooms of the chorizo-type house structure, turning them into two large rooms for the exhibition of his works. In the background, what was a shed where the horses stayed, he installed his workshop, where he worked until the moment of his death. Both spaces connect with what is the heart of the house: the long cobblestone patio, thought of as a Sculpture Patio.